At MyKindy at Victory we have a secure and safe, purpose-built kindergarten with distinctive play zones and modern classroom facilities. It is a fun environment for all who attend.

Our kindy program includes a focus on:

  • Coordination with active exercises (gross motor skills)
  • Creativity – art, drawing and craft (fine motor skills)
  • Discovering and experimenting – playing, digging, exploring
  • Challenges and resilience – problem solving, show and share
  • Positive social etiquette – interaction, cooperation, sharing, friendships
  • Respect – for others and peers
  • Numeracy and literacy sessions – reading, story time and counting
  • Musicality
  • Library visits and the ability to bring home a library book
  • Special visits and events

By the end of the kindy year, the children will be well on their way to achieving the following:

Socially and Emotionally:

  • Separate confidently from their family
  • Socialise in a group setting
  • Take turns and share
  • Negotiate with peers
  • Develop long term friendships with peers
  • Express themselves verbally and emotionally in a group setting
  • Develop a healthy self esteem
  • Develop independence


  • Develop eye-hand coordination
  • Develop a pencil grip
  • Strengthen fine and gross motor skills

Literacy and Numeracy:

  • Recognise characters and numbers
  • Begin to write their first name
  • Be exposed to a variety of books and text through our library visits and classroom storytelling
  • Discriminate size, shape and colour
  • Match and sort